Smart Activity Monitoring (SAM)

Our Smart Activity Monitoring (SAM) platform uses non-invasive sensors to track a person’s Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). These sensors provide input to our proprietary SAM software to establish individualized, typical levels of daily activity. We call this a “routine” for each person being monitored in their individual home. This “routine” becomes the benchmark for establishing when the person may need assistance from family, friends or caregivers who may receive the alerts.

Why You Need SAM

“I want peace of mind that my dependent family member is being looked after and assisted around the clock while allowing them to maintain as much independence at home as possible.”


The Smart Activity Monitoring (SAM) platform uses non-invasive sensors to track a subscribers Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The sensors provide immediate input to intelligent software to update the “routine’” and send any alerts that may be indicated by the status of the routine.



The SAM system utilizes the latest security protocols and procedure to guard your data from prying eyes. The system uses end to end encryption to protect the subscriber’s data and to be compliant with HIPPA regulations.

The SAM system needs almost no attention as it operates round the clock gathering data in a non-invasive manner, there are no cameras. No buttons to press or devices to wear, the system is always gathering data to build better profiles and more accurate alerts.



We have a long successful history with the cable / broadband operators and understand how they operate and drive customer satisfaction. We also have deep experience with sensor-based technology and data gathering & management techniques so we deliver the best experiences in this growing market.


As the US population grows older we feel it’s important for people to remain in their own residence with an active lifestyle. More importantly, we believe that by using the non-invasive technology we can deliver safety, ease of use and peace of mind to all subscribers and their families.


The iEldra SAM system is a collection of simple hardware elements and advanced software that allows the overall system to collect and analyze data and make determinations as to when to notify designated parties that there may be a problem. For example, activities like prolonged periods of inactivity, known daily habits not being present or refrigerators not being opened for a long period of time are actions that might cause an alert.


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